Coronavirus Guidelines (COVID-19)

Elective Surgeries Resume

Every day we continue to save lives. Over the last three months, we have successfully discharged 117 COVID patients. Additionally, thanks to our community's steadfast adherence to the Governor’s orders and the CDC and DOH guidelines, today we can report an impressive decline in COVID admissions.

We are heartened by this progress and are planning, in accordance with guidance from our colleagues at Stony Brook Medicine, the CDC and the DOH, to resume elective surgeries and screening procedures beginning in June. It is important everyone get the treatments needed to be healthy.

Anyone requiring emergency care, including those suffering with symptoms of cardiac disease, stroke, serious injury, or other acute ailments, should not hesitate to go to our Emergency Department. As a Hospital, we have the most advanced sanitizing technology, including UV-C lights and EPA- approved chemical disinfectants, as well as the professional expertise and experience to provide a safe environment. In fact, there is no known case of a patient contracting COVID-19 while visiting our Hospital. We do not expose non-COVID patients to those who test positive or may have symptoms. Our Hospital is safe and ready to provide excellent care.

Here are guidelines on how to schedule your Surgery.SBSH Elective Surgery Guidelines in Spanish and English as of 5.22


The CDC is now recommending wearing cloth face masks in public spaces. To learn more, including how to make a cloth mask, please click here:

Screening Process for Patients Presenting with Symptoms

  • All patients who present to the institution, both to ambulatory sites and the Emergency Department, are screened on arrival using the CDC recommendations.
  • Questions include fever or symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as cough and difficulty breathing. In addition to travel history, patients are asked about exposure to known cases of COVID-19 in the last 14 days before symptom onset.
  • Should a patient arrive at the hospital with cough or fever, they are directed to put on a mask before entering the ED.
  • Anyone who the clinician believes is a suspected case of COVID-19 is immediately placed on respiratory isolation, and infection control and the Department of Health is contacted.
  • The current protocol includes a detailed attempt to eliminate other causes of acute respiratory infection, including influenza. If another cause of symptoms is found, then appropriate care for that illness is instituted, and if appropriate, isolation discontinued.  If the patient meets the criteria for a patient under investigation (PUI), specimens are obtained and sent to the lab in Albany.  The current turnover time is 3-5 days and the patient remains on isolation until the results return from their lab.
  • Isolation is strictly enforced. The CDC has guidelines to limit staff exposure to these potentially infected COVID-19 patients before test results are available.
  • Nursing, physician and ancillary staff involved in the care of these patients have been trained in appropriate precautions. 
  • We are actively making contingency plans should we see a surge of patients that exceed capacity.

Visitor Policy

Effective immediately, all visitation is suspended except for patient support persons, or family members and/or legal representatives of patients in imminent end-of-life situations.

A patient support person at the patient bedside is permitted for:

  • Patients in labor and delivery, are also permitted a doula or midwife;
  • Pediatric patients;
  • Patients for whom a support person has been determined to be essential to the care of the patient (medically necessary) including patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and patients with cognitive impairments including dementia.

Elective Ambulatory Surgery Cases

Currently, all elective ambulatory surgery cases, including screen mammography and elective interventional radiology, are postponed until a later date.

Maternity Patients

Stony Brook Southampton is strictly following all CDC and DOH guidelines and policies. Maternity patients should call 631-238-0018 Hamptons OB/GYN and bring their prenatal information. Maternity patients are permitted a support person and a doula or midwife.


Testing Information

COVID-19 Diagnostic test:  $300
COVID-10 Antibody test:  $100