Annual Research Day

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital's Annual Research Day for the Residency Program's will be taking place this Spring 2019 in Parrish Memoral Hall. It is encouraged that all Residents participate in creating an educational poster to develop their knowledge of Academic Research and promote Scholarly Activity. All posters will undergo editting and approval by the Program Directors prior to being accepted and displayed at the Annual Research Day. Gradute Medical Education has a newly formed Division of Academic Research Committee that will help assist all Residents with proper Research Guidlines, Resources, and Peer Review. Three lucky winners will be chosen at the Annual Research Day and give a brief Oral Presentation on their Poster Topic. If you are interested in participating as a judge for the Poster Competition please contact The Department of Medical Education at (631) 726-0409.

Above: Winners from the 2018, 3rd Annual Academic Research Day Poster Competition

Brian Boden, DO; Samer Ibrahim, DO; Patrick Rutka, DO; Krishna Akella, DO