One in four Americans suffers from a mental health-related disorder. Ongoing emotional distress and a life out of balance are the primary triggers for developing a mental health disorder. Mental health disorders are highly treatable diseases of the brain…not a character flaw or moral failing. With the right treatment and support, a meaningful recovery is reachable.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is the home of The East End Mood Disorders Support Group. Two separate and confidential support groups meet every week. One for those who suffer from a mental health disorder and one for families and loved ones. What makes them unique is that they are run by “peers”—individuals who have had similar experiences and have found recovery and wellness strategies that transformed their own lives.

This peer-support is led by Tory Masters, CPRP, CPS, a recovered mental health sufferer herself and a trained Peer Specialist and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. Peer Group Support is based on the shared experiences among sufferers. It dispels stigma and the feeling of aloneness, while providing trust and a deep belief in the recovery process. Participants learn more about mood disorders, proper diagnoses and effective, medical, psychiatric and holistic treatment strategies. Peer support inspires and motivates participants to find a personal recovery path that works.

These weekly groups for individuals and their families provide an empowering, confidential and recovery-oriented setting for those suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is pleased to support this endeavor and partners with local mental health practitioners, elected officials, school administrators and social service organizations who are concerned with the well-being of our population.

East End Mood Disorders Support Group

Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)
The Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute
Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, Third Floor
240 Meeting House Lane
Southampton, New York

* Separate, confidential groups are available for sufferers and loved ones.

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