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Our "Help Line" Nurse, Rebecca Young, RN, BSN, fielded a record of 894 calls from the public in 2021. Callers receive expert advice on tick removal, help understanding laboratory results, and, when appropriate, referrals to physicians and other medical professionals. Calls to the Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center originate from all over New York State, the U.S., and also internationally.

If you have a question about ticks, call Rebecca at (631) 726-TICK.

Educational Materials

To request printed copies, please call (631) 726-0452 or email

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Physician Articles

Food Allergy Triggered by Tick Bites Erin McGintee, MD July 29, 2020
Lyme Arthritis Heidi Roppelt, MD March 2020
Babesiosis Jorge Benach, PhD June 2020
Lyme Carditis Travis Bench, MD October 2019


PowerPoint Presentations

Analysis of Tick Repellents

Tick Tips Videos

Check our YouTube channel for helpful short videos.


Other Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Suffolk County Department of Health Services Arthropod-Borne Disease Laboratory
University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center