Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

A Message From The Program Director


            Dr. Lawrence Barnard, DO

The Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine 3 (ONMM3) Residency Program welcomes your interest in furthering your education and training in osteopathic principles and practices. While we maintain the flavor of a community-based program, we are part of the world-class academic institution that is Stony Brook Medicine. This allows various academic opportunities not typically found in a small community setting.

Having had a thriving Integrated FM/NMM residency for more than a decade prior to the single accreditation system, we are uniquely qualified to offer an integrated ONMM experience to residents from any of our residencies looking for integration of ONMM (ie. FM/NMM, IM/NMM). For those of you who may be considering ONMM training from other primary residencies, or after years in practice, recent graduates have come from a variety of backgrounds including Pediatrics, OB-GYN, ENT and Preventative Medicine.

Our close-knit faculty, largely dual boarded in FM & NMM, are eager to actively participate in your education and we encourage feedback from our residents to help improve didactics, rotations, and supervision.

Our ONMM3 program is under the umbrella of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Residency Program in Social Medicine. This means that our institution educates all our trainees above the typical standards placed on residency programs. Training provided by this program has specific focuses on the social determinants of health, the biopsychosocial model and cultural sensitivity so that excellent patient-centered care is provided regardless of setting. Please click here for more information. 

Where better to take a break from the rigors of postgraduate medical education than the East End of Long Island? Come enjoy the expansive farmland, vineyards, assorted cuisines, and world-renowned Hampton’s beaches while you grow with us.

We believe, if you come for your residency, you will want to stay for your career.





Program Director
Lawrence Barnard, DO
(631) 726-0409

Program Coordinator
Patty DeRobertis
(631) 726-0409 ext. 104