Research Guidlines

How to Choose a Research topic?

1. Find what interests you

a. Is there a specific field of research of interest to you? Is there a desired fellowship?

b. Did you have an interesting patient case or experience?

c. Do you have an area or a particular question in public health?

2. Find out if others have had similar interests by performing a literature review

a. What has already been published?

b. More importantly, what has not yet been published?

3. If you need help, contact the Division of Academic Research for guidance

I have a research idea, but what is the next step?

1. Once you have a research idea and are performing a literature review of previous studies in your area of chosen research, pay particular attention to how previous studies were performed

a. What methods were used in similar studies?

b. Can you perform a similar study at your hospital? Does your hospital have resources that would provide greater benefit to the study model?

c. Most importantly, what can you accomplish that is different or expands upon previously published studies?

2. After performing a literature review, think about the different types of study designs which will best fit your specific research project.

a. Choosing a research study design and selecting a population to study

b. Designing a project: Randomized controlled trials and their principles

c. How to perform a medical records review

d. What study design should I choose?

e. Research design II: cohort, cross sectional, and case-control studies

3. Then, feel free to contact the Division of Academic Research to discuss what resources are currently available to assist your nascent research project.

4. The Division of Academic Research can assist you in preparing and submitting your IRB application (some examples here may be helpful).

5. Completion of CITI training (online modules reviewing the ethical conduct of research) is required prior to the submission of an IRB application, so completion of CITI training is recommended prior to preparing the submission of an IRB application.

6. After IRB approval, your study may begin!