Patient Portal

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital's Patient Portal is a convenient, secure, online tool available 24/7 that will help you view, download, or transmit many of your hospital health records. You can enroll at the time of hospital admittance. Your medical information will be kept secure, per HIPAA regulations.


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If you have a user name and password, please log in here. If you are having trouble, please contact us.

What health information is available in the patient portal?

The Patient Portal currently holds ONLY laboratory and transition of care documents for Observation, Inpatient, and Emergency Department visits, starting with the first visit after a patient has registered for the Portal.  Only health information transmitted after enrollment will appear in the Patient Portal. Previous visit information is not accesssible. Outpatient laboratory and radiology records are NOT included in the Hospital's Patient Portal.

How can you access health information NOT included in the patient portal?

Please call Health Information Management at (631) 726-8310.