Division of Academic Research

The Stony Brook Southampton Division of Academic Research is a resident-driven body working with the Internal Medicine Program Director and Core Faculty to:

  • Promote intellectual and academic curiosity
  • Train the next generation of ethical clinical investigators
  • Support academic research to better the practice of medicine and assist in fellowship and job applications

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital focuses on engendering in its residents the desire and structure to care for the inidividual patient and the population at large. An intergral part in this endeavor is ethical research that may be used to shape prospective patient care.

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Interested in having a research questions answered?                                                                                  

Considering conducting a research project but don't know where to start?

The Stony Brook Southampton Division of Academic Research can help!

Contact: sbsh_divisionofacademicresearch@stonybrookmedicine.edu