Research Day Winners

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital hosts an Annual Academic Research Day in which each residency department can share with the healthcare community their research poster projects. The posters submitted are judged by healthcare leaders from Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. Factors taken into consideration when judging posters are:

  • Originality of Work
  • Aesthetics of Display
  • Clarity of Display
  • Scientific Merit
  • Knowledge

Poster Competition Winners:

2018 Winners

Authors: Christopher Liedke, D.O.; Jillian Cepeda, M.D.; Asha Patnaik, M.D.; Qingping Yao, M.D.

 "Development oif Thrombotic Thromboytopenic Purpura in association with the monocylonal anti-body, golimumab, used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis in a case with literature review"

Authors: Samer Ibrahim, DO; Brian Boden, DO; Patrick Rutka, DO; Krishna Akella, DO

 "Methemoglobinemia, Acute Renal Faulure, and Hemolytic Anema - An Unusual Case of Phenazopyridine Toxicity"

Authors: Philip Berges, DO

2017 Winners

Authors: Ronald Ho, DO; Lawrence Barnard, DO
"Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for a Patient with Recurrent Cellulitis"
Authors: Brenden Yee, DO; Thienly Huynh, DO; Valaree Luck, DO; Manal Soliman MD
"The Management of Obesity in an Outpatient Setting Triple and Quadruple Therapy in the Management of Helicobacter Pylori"
Authors: Mariya Khokhlova, DO; Heidi Roppelt, MD; Edna Kapenhas, MD; Sang Pak, MD; Bradley Gluck, MD
"Triple Negative Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast Presenting as Small Bowel Obstruction: Case Report"

2016 Winners

 Authors: Sarah White, MD; Manal Soliman, MD
" Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis"
Authors: Thienly Huynh, DO Brenden Yee, DO; Manal Soliman, MD
"Late Onset Minimal Change Disease: A Case Report"
Authors: Erica Beauplan, DO, Yardley Brice, DO, Katrina Meachem, DO, Lam Vo, DO; Candace Cummings, MD
 "Implication of Hospital Discharge Procedure Policies in Overall Patient Education and Satisfaction"
Authors: Sony Modayil, DO, Sam Rednor, DO, Sumit Agarwal, DO, Chris Liedke, Do; Shawn P. Cannon, DO, FACOI
 "Impact of Palliative Care in Advanced Illness on Hospitalization Rates"