For Students

About the Student Program

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The Medical Student Rotation Program teaches students essential clinical and practical skills. Participating students rotate with faculty and residents in a variety of specialty areas. Additionally, medical students are involved in daily didactics provided by residents and faculty. 

Procedural proficiency is an expectation of many residency programs, therefore medical students are trained through various simulation labs and with patient exposure for basic procedures such as: male/female foley catheter insertion, IV insertion, blood draws, EKG administration and interpretation.

We are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for each trainee. The program emphasizes inpatient and outpatient primary care medicine and the importance of the physician’s role not only as a healthcare provider but also as a patient advocate, educator, and as an agent of change.

Our faculty is committed to teaching evidence-based medicine in a compassionate and nurturing environment, which will not only promote the health of our patients but also the health of our trainees. We are seeking students who are passionate about providing healthcare and committed to the integration of health and wellness.

Community Outreach

Despite the busy schedule and intense academics, students will find time to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  In addition to patient care responsibilities, there is opportunity to teach and participate in community outreach programs that make the Hamptons such a very special location