Joint Advisory Committee

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is governed by the Governing Body of Stony Brook University Hospital. A Joint Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from both Stony Brook Medicine and the Southampton Hospital Association Board of Directors consults with the community in the operation of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital on strategic planning to ensure that clinical and administrative operations are operating to optimal standards. Committee members are:

Southampton Hospital Association
James Forbes
Jay K. Levine
John Wambold
Lawrence A. Willis
Kenneth B. Wright

Stony Brook Medicine
Gary E. Bie, CPA
Todd Griffin, MD
Hal Paz, MD

Senior Management Team

A management team oversees the day-to-day operations of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. Each senior executive is accountable to the Chief Administrative Officer, who reports to Carol Gomes, CEO, Stony Brook University Hospital and Hal Paz, Executive Vice President of Health Sciences, CEO Stony Brook Medicine. Collectively, the senior management team is responsible for evaluating, developing and implementing policies and practices to ensure that Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is delivering appropriate high-quality healthcare to the communities of eastern Long Island in a financially prudent manner.

Robert S. Chaloner
Chief Administrative Officer

Fredric I. Weinbaum, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Christopher J. Schultheis
Chief Financial Officer

Althea Mills, RN, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer
Vice President of Patient Care Services

Robyn L. McKeefrey
Vice President of Quality Management

Robert I. Ross
Vice President of Community and Government Relations

Mirella Cameran-Reilly
Chief Development Officer

Kevin Unruh, M.Ed., RT (R), (MR), (CT)
Vice President of Allied Health & Support Services

Barbara Jo Howard 
Executive Director of Communications & Marketing 

Southampton Campus Leadership Coordinating Council

The medical staff at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is represented by the Southampton Campus Leadership Coordinating Council (SHLCC).  The members of the SHLCC include:

Fredric I. Weinbaum, MD

Medical Director, Southampton Campus

Darin G. Wiggins, MD FAAEM             

Chairman, SHLCC

Jonathan Levitsky, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Anesthesia

Gregory Davis, DMD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Dentistry

Darin Wiggins, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Emergency Medicine

C. Travis Koke, DO

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Family Practice

Charles Guida, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Medicine

Vito Alamia, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, OB/GYN

Gong Feng, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Pathology

Jennifer Favre. MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Pediatrics

Christopher V. Saradoff, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Radiology

Steven Sobey, MD

Vice Chair/Service Chief, Surgery