Patient Rights & Privacy

Patient Rights

As a patient in a hospital in New York State you have certain rights consistent with the law. Parents also have legal rights with regard to the care of their children. A booklet titled Your Rights as a Hospital Patient in New York State contains information on all of these rights as well as specific information on advance directives and health care proxies. You will be given a copy of the booklet when you are admitted. 

New York State Patients' Bill of Rights

Patient Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital to provide equitable healthcare without discrimination against, or harassment of, any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, language, religion, sex, disability, citizenship, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity (the patient’s preferred gender will be respected, and the patient will be referred to by their name and pronoun of choice, whenever feasible) or other non-medically relevant factor or any other characteristic protected by federal or state law.  Any such discrimination or harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

This applies to admission, treatment, discharge or other participation in any of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s programs, services or activities, including, but not limited to:

  • All patient admissions
  • All care, whether inpatient, outpatient or emergency in nature
  • All patients’ room, floor or section assignments or transfers, except in those cases where patient safety or health condition is a necessary consideration; and employee assignments to patient services.

Compliance issues relating to the above policy can be referred to the Hospital’s Compliance Hotline at 1-866-623-1480 or Lori Strauss, Chief Compliance Officer, at (631) 444-5776.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Process for reporting Discrimination or other Complaints or Grievances

Patient Privacy

For detailed information concerning your right to privacy, please review our HIPAA Joint Privacy Notice (Español). Unless you specifically direct Stony Brook Southampton Hospital not to release any information about you, the following information may be provided:


  • Confirmation that you are a patient
  • Your room number and telephone number
  • Your condition, in simple terms (good, fair, critical), if your physician has made it available

Outpatient (Emergency Department)

  • Confirmation that you were treated
  • Whether you were admitted, released or transferred to another facility

Every person inquiring about a patient is required to provide his or her full name before any information will be released. If additional information is requested, the inquirer will be referred to you or your designated representative. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital will not release any information on any patient age 17 or under. Your friends and relatives wishing to know your location, condition and visiting hours may call Patient Information at (631) 726-8200. You may inquire about additional privacy options.


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Compliance and Patient Privacy Policy
Equal Visitation Policy
Patient Non-Discrimination Policy
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