Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Emergency Department

Southampton, NY—Since the start of the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s ED has continued to safely provide care for all emergency cases. Recently, many medical institutions have begun to report that patients who wait or fail to seek emergency care for critical non-COVID conditions may experience fatal or long-term complications. Anyone requiring emergency care, including those suffering with non-COVID symptoms such as cardiac event, stroke, or other critical ailments, should not hesitate to get immediate treatment.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s ED successfully triages patients inside the unit. All patients wear masks and staff uses appropriate PPE. Any patient suspected of COVID-19 symptoms is isolated.  Those who test positive are cohorted in designated areas.

There has been no known case of a patient contracting COVID-19 while visiting the Hospital. The Hospital is a safe and highly sanitized environment with a rigorous disinfecting protocol deployed by the environmental services team who is trained to apply advanced technologies, including UV-C lights and EPA approved disinfectants.

The Hospital does continue to postpone Elective Surgeries. Since the Stay-At-Home Order went into effect, some patients originally scheduled for low acuity surgeries many be experiencing a worsening of symptoms that may be life threatening or lead to future morbidity. It is important that patients remain in contact with their surgeon to review if surgery is now required. Those who are approved will be given the latest CDC and DOH directives including COVID testing within 72 hours of surgery.

Elective surgeries and screening will commence only with the Governor’s approval and will be scheduled in compliance with New York State Department of Health and CDC directives.

General Updates
•    Since early May, the Hospital has been experiencing a flattening of the curve in the number of hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients.
•    The external triage tents outside Parrish and the Emergency Department have been removed.
•    In early April, the Hospital had increased bed capacity from 94 actively staffed beds to 184 and expanded the ICU from 7 to 21 beds. Currently all remain accessible.
•    While never reaching full capacity, the Hospital does have the ability to add more beds should the need arise.
•    Parrish Memorial Hall is still being reserved for potential patient overflow, if necessary.