How Stony Brook Southampton Hospital's Environmental Services Team Uses Technology to Eradicate Surface Pathogens

Southampton, NY (May 14, 2020)—Throughout the current health crisis, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital has continued to provide essential emergency care to non-COVID patients. The Hospital is safe. Anyone experiencing life-threatening symptoms, particularly those associated with a heart attack or stroke, or suffering an injury, should never hesitate to visit the Emergency Department. Every admitted patient is tested. Those suspected and/or experiencing symptoms are isolated and those that test positive are cohorted.

“We take every precaution to protect and care for our patients and staff,” said Robert S. Chaloner, Chief Administrative Offices, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. “To date, we are unaware of any patient contracting COVID-19 from visiting the hospital.”

To prevent in-hospital spread of COVID-19, every room, department, office and lobby is frequently and scrupulously sanitized. The Hospital’s Environmental Services team implements a rigorous disinfecting protocol consisting of advanced UV-C technologies, a subtype of ultraviolet light, capable of eliminate pathogens from high-touch surfaces throughout the hospital, as well as clinically and EPA-approved chemical solutions that can annihilate infectious agents.

“Thorough cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces are essential elements of an effective infection prevention program, particularly in fighting the spread of viruses such as COVID-19,” said Deborah Maile, Director for Infection Prevention, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. “Our Environmental Services Team has been specially trained to use EPA-approved disinfectants and advanced UV-C machines as a 'no touch' method of room decontamination to annihilate pathogens on surfaces.”

The hospital deploys leading technologies to destroy pathogens, including the Surfacide® Helios System, an automated UV-C disinfection consisting of three ultraviolet C (UV-C) towers and the The Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® a portable single tower UV-C emitter. For applied sanitization, the hospital uses the Clorex ®T-360®, an electrostatic sprayer with a patented nozzle to ensure all surfaces — front, back and sides — are disinfected. The T-360 has the ability to shower surfaces with a powerful EPA-approved disinfectant that deploys magnetic properties to effectively migrate and adhere to an area, including reaching into crevices to destroy pathogens.
The three-tower UV-C Helios System utilizes a laser to identify the size of the disinfection space as well as near-field objects. Based on these measurements the system then calculates the disinfection cycle time while rotating 360°. The UV-C energy penetrates through the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and bacterial spores and into the DNA strand to disrupt the cell's ability to replicate. After exposure, the pathogen is unable to replicate itself.
The single tower UV emitter efficiently kills pathogens in five minutes at 8 feet by leveraging maximum output UV-C lamps.  Verification cards certify that the UV measurement is accurate and thoroughly disinfects.
“This is a highly effective, environmentally-safe multi-prong approach to preventing infection spread,” reports William Santiago, the Hospital’s Director of Environmental Services.  “Our advanced protocol has been successful in protecting our staff and patients.”
“The health and safety of our community is always top priority,” continued Mr. Chaloner, “COVID-19 has enhanced already intensive patient safety efforts and ensured we’re doing everything possible to keep staff safe as well. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is here to care for you and it is safe for you to come to the hospital. If you have an emergency, don’t delay. Call 911 or come to the emergency room.”


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