Hospital’s Palliative Care Service Expands to Include Bereavement Support Groups

Southampton, NY—Southampton Hospital’s Palliative Care Service has been available for patients and their families a full year now. The service provides comprehensive care and management of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs to patients who are seriously ill and/or experiencing a life-threatening illness. A new dimension of this service is Bereavement Support groups.

This spring, the Palliative Care Service will offer two Bereavement Support groups for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. This dramatic loss creates significant change in a person’s life and it is usually followed by period of grief. Grief has no pattern–how long or severe each experience is differs for each person. However, some common reactions are:

  • Shock, feeling of numbness
  • Disbelief – “it can’t be real”
  • Confusion and trying to make sense of it – “Why has this happened to me?”
  • Anger
  • Pining and yearning – wanting whatever was lost
  • Guilt – “I wish I had done things differently”
  • A sense of isolation and fear at facing the rest of life without the deceased

Amy Zachary LCSW, MA and Paula Peterson LCSW, MSC, experienced therapists and facilitators, will lead the bereavement groups. Each has a unique background in working with grief, trauma and death. The first group, led by Ms. Zachary, will begin Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 pm and take place for six weeks. The second group, led by Ms. Peterson, will begin Wednesday, May 9 at 5:30 pm led by Paula for six weeks. For more information please contact: Jane Edelman, RN, OCN, Clinical Coordinator Palliative Care, Southampton Hospital at (631) 726-3200 or e-mail