Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Offers Community-Based Palliative Care

Southampton, NY—Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, with support from the Balm Foundation, has initiated a Community-Based Palliative Care Program. This program provides home visits for patients who are suffering from life-threatening or chronic debilitating diseases. Once enrolled in the program, patients can take advantage of several complimentary services without incurring any out-of-pocket costs. This pioneering approach harkens to the days when physicians made house calls and brought much-needed relief for those too ill to travel. Those interested in a Palliative Care home visit for themselves or a loved one should call (631) 726-3200 for more information and to make an appointment.

The Hospital’s Palliative Care program is a patient-centered philosophy that encompasses all aspects of the patient’s experience. Now in its 7th year, many patients facing serious illness have benefitted from the program, their symptoms and ability to carry on with daily life improved. Recently, the Palliative Care program welcomed physician Palliative care Fellows for the 2017-2018 academic year: Ryan Silverstine DO, a graduate of the Southampton Hospital residency program, and Rene Hildebrand DO. Other Palliative Care staff include Medical Director Lara Siska MD; in-patient attending physician Sony Modayil DO; Director of Home Visits Allison Van Arsdale DO; Nurse Manager Amy Reich RN; Outpatient Clinic Coordinator Jinny Caldentey MD; coordinator of Palliative Care Residents Daniel Van Arsdale DO; coordinator of home visit scheduling Dawn O’Sullivan; and Outpatient Coordinator Veronica Palamedessi. The Palliative Care program is overseen by Patricia A. Darcey, RN, MS, NE-BC, CNO.

In late June, the Annual Palliative Care Symposium was held at the Stony Brook University Southampton campus. An impressive roster of palliative care specialists lectured to the newest medical residents and other Stony Brook Southampton Hospital staff on an array of topics including ethical and legal issues, pain management, communication skills and complementary therapies.