Important Medical Information Program

Southampton, NY—If you are a Senior, live alone or have a chronic medical condition, our free “Important Medical Information” program could save your life! In case of an emergency, ambulance personnel responding to your home will have your medical information and be able to administer appropriate assistance.

You will receive:
1) a container
2) Medical Information Form
3) door decal
4) refrigerator magnet

1) complete a Medical Information Form that includes existing medical conditions, allergies and medications you are currently taking. Place this form
in the small container provided and put it on a visible shelf in your refrigerator.
2) place a magnet on the refrigerator and a decal on your front door in plain view for emergency personnel to alert them that your medical information is located inside your refrigerator.
3) remember to fill the form out in pencil and to update it every time your information and medications change.

There is no charge for this program and it may save your life in case of an emergency.
If you wish to receive a container with everything you need to participate, please email or call (631) 726-8700 Ext. 6.