About StaffCo

StaffCo is a Professional Employer Organization, commonly referred to as a PEO. StaffCo and SUNY have entered into a professional employer agreement under which StaffCo is the employer of Stony Brook Southampton employees and responsible for employment, including the day-to-day direction and supervision of work. StaffCo is fully responsible for providing all Payroll and Human Resource services, including the payment of wages, collecting and reporting payroll taxes and maintaining any and all benefits for which one is eligible.  SUNY Stony Brook Hospital is responsible for the operation of the hospital and provision of health care and is the co-employer as is necessary to conduct its responsibilities and for related licensure, regulatory or statutory requirements and obligations.     

Given StaffCo’s employment responsibilities, it is deemed the “employer” for employment and labor law purposes.  Thus, the employees are private sector employees of StaffCo, not public sector employees of SUNY.  The private sector nature of the StaffCo employees has been approved by NYS Civil Service and upheld in a decision by the US National Labor Relations Board.