Parkinson's Disease - An Overview

John Jermain Memorial Library, Sag Harbor
3043, 201 Main Sreet
Sag Harbor, NY 11963


Parkinson disease is a chronic and progressive disease of the central nervous system, the exact cause of which is not known. The nerve cells in the brain that control movement don’t function properly and this is what makes it difficult for persons with Parkinson to move normally. Olga McAbee, MD, FAAN, Director of Neurology at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, will outline the disease progression of Parkinson, as well as the underlying non-motor symptoms that are often a part of this disease. Dr. McAbee will also discuss ways for Parkinson patients to maintain a good quality of life. Physical Therapist, Sarah Cohen, DPT will discuss the important of exercise and talk about the new programs for Parkinson patients available at the Hospital.  For information and to reserve your seat please call (631) 725-0049.