Cabinet of 1000

The Cabinet of 1000 has been established as Southampton Hospital Foundation’s premiere annual giving club. The Annual Appeal encourages friends and supporters to renew their commitment to Southampton Hospital by making yearly gifts to the Foundation. These gifts strengthen the Hospital’s ability to serve our patients through improved services, community outreach and the latest in technology and equipment. Such support is critical to our success.

When you give to the Southampton Hospital Foundation Annual Appeal as a Cabinet of 1000 member, you are contributing enormously to the Hospital’s ability to benefit both the lives of current patients and to ensure the availability a high-quality care for future generations.

Giving categories for this annual membership are:

  • Lighthouse Circle      $25,000
  • Windmill Circle          $10,000
  • Ocean Circle              $  5,000
  • Dune Circle                $  2,500
  • Shinnecock Circle     $  1,000

Cabinet of 1000 members receive invitations to Southampton Hospital's special events and wellness programs and, most importantly, the knowledge that they are playing a vital role in ensuring the good health of their family, friends and neighbors by supporting their community hospital.

If you are interested in joining our Cabinet of 1000, please contact Southampton Hospital Foundation at 631-726-8700 x5 or to pay by credit card click here.

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