Vestibular Rehabilitation


Since 2003, the Physical Therapy Department at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital has been serving the East End. We have three therapists certified in vestibular rehabilitation. Vestiublar therapists are trained to treat all types of vertibular dysfunction, central and peripheral, including central vestibular disorders from brain stem strokes, head trauma/post-concussion syndrome (including Return to Play), migraine-related vestibulopathy, MS and cerebellum degeneration. Peripheral vestibular disorders include vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, peripheral vestibular hypo function, bilateral vestibular loss, Meniere's, BPPV, and vestibulopathy following surgical procedures (ie; Labyrinthectomy and acoustic neuroma). Our therapists utilize SMART balance Master and infrared video goggles in their evaluation and treatment of vestibular and balance dysfunction. Following a comprehensive evaluation, the vestibular therapist will treat any related dysfunction: gait/balance instability, fall risk, sensory integration, oculomotor deficits, movement sensitivity to help the patient achieve optimal functional improvement.

For more information and or to make an appointment for an evaluation, call (631) 726-8520