The Audrey and Martin Gruss Heart & Stroke Center

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The Audrey and Martin Gruss Heart & Stroke Center consolidates a broad spectrum of sophisticated diagnostic and treatment capabilities with existing cardiovascular programs and services. An advanced endovascular surgical suite features the latest imaging technology in a sterile operating room environment.

The majority of surgeries that are being performed in one new operating room are orthopedic, bariatric and general surgery. A second new operating room, a hybrid endovascular surgical suite for interventional treatment of stroke and vascular disease, includes a Siemens Healthcare Artis zeego, an angiography system with unprecedented flexibility.  The industrial robot technology integrated in Artis zeego allows the physician to move its C-arm to almost any position around the patient, making it easier than ever before to visualize internal organs from various sides if, for example, tumors or vessel diseases have to be diagnosed.

Some of the procedures that surgeons are performing include arterial intervention and treatment of aneurysm and peripheral arterial disease, cerebral vascular studies and interventions, cardiac catheterizations, and pacemaker, loop recorder, and defibrillator implantation. The newest technology is ideally suited for endovascular surgery and many of these procedures and repairs can now be done through minimally invasive techniques.

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