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In spring 2019, Southampton Hospital Association (SHA) and Stony Brook Medicine celebrated a momentous milestone with the opening of The Phillips Family Cancer Center. A fully integrated site of the Stony Brook University Cancer Center, The Phillips Family Cancer Center provides radiation therapy medical oncology. The Center changes cancer care on the East End by delivering advanced, comprehensive cancer treatments in a state-of-the-art, two-level, patient-centered building and healing environment. The new Center has the latest technology, including the most advanced linear accelerator on the East End, a Varian Linear Accelerator TrueBeam™, which provides more precise targeting of cancer cells during radiation therapy, sparing healthy surrounding tissue. Every chemotherapy treatment is formulated in the on-site pharmacy.

Patients and families are cared for in private and shared treatment spaces featuring murals of soothing East End beach scenes. Chemotherapy treatment rooms feature reclining chairs overlooking outdoor landscapes supervised by Edwina von Gal of Perfect Earth Project and Christopher LaGuardia of LaGuardia Design Group. There are separate levels for Radiation Therapy and Medical Oncology patients. Mobile computers with automatic charting allow medical staff to focus more time and attention directly on the patient.

On the first level, you’ll find the Fighting Chance annex office where oncology social workers are available to counsel patients and their caregivers - - always free-of-charge. They help patients cope with the emotional and mental stress that can accompany a cancer diagnosis. Founded in 2002, Fighting Chance is a JCo-accredited non-profit headquartered in Sag Harbor.

 Additional partnerships include the Ellen Hermanson Foundation which donates funds and provides support services and The Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute which offers wellness programming. A large multi-purpose conference room hosts community outreach programs and patient support programs such as yoga, meditation and group therapy.

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The Phillips Family Cancer Center Wellness Programs and Support Services
Provided FREE to every Cancer Patient in Treatment, Caregiver,  and Survivor.

Due to COVID-19 many of our Cancer Wellness Programs and Workshops Are Offered on Line. Click the below link to sign up for ZOOM classes or visit for classes available 24/7 on our YouTube channel.

These complimentary programs and services have been curated specifically for all cancer patients—men and women--in all stages of treatment and remission, as well as caregivers. Every class, workshop, and lecture is intended to help maintain or regain physical strength as well as reinforce mental stamina.

Your well-being is important for healing.

On-site massage therapy sessions are offered by appointment or during chemotherapy. Our full schedule of cancer wellness and support services are open to the community. See below for our list of classes and the new class calendar each month. Classes are held on the second level of The Phillips Family Cancer Center.  Please click to sign up for your class today, or call 631-726-8800. Reservations are required.


The Phillips Family Cancer Center - Class Calendar


Build Strength and Stamina   





Accept the Gift of Restorative Touch   




Experience Insightful Understanding 




Nourish Your Body 




Specialized Therapy 



Find Creative Expression (with some bonus health benefits): 





For a full list of programs and more information, please call 631.726.8800  



Administrative Leadership:

Samuel Ryu, MD
Deputy Director, Clinical Affairs, Stony Brook University Cancer Center
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology


Ribbon Cutting

Attached Photo by Lisa Tamburini for Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

From left, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., Kenneth Wright, Chairman, Southampton Hospital Association; Robert S. Chaloner, Chief Administrative Officer, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital; Barbara Phillips, benefactor, and her son Andrew Phillips, cutting the ribbon; Kenneth Kaushansky, MD. MACP, Senior Vice President, Health Services and Dean of the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University; Yusuf A. Hannun, MD, Director of Stony Brook  University Cancer Center, Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine, Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research; and  Samuel Ryu, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University and Deputy Director, Clinical Affairs, Stony Brook University Cancer Center.