Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center

The Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center's Clinic is now seeing adults and children in Hampton Bays!

The first and only dedicated Tick-Borne Disease Clinic in the Northeast!

In addition to the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center Help Line, established in 2014, we now have a clinic. Whether you’re worried about tick bites, Lyme disease or any tick-borne disease, we provide answers and access to treatment for children and adults, by appointment only.

For Appointments
Or call our HELP LINE


We provide:

  • Expert tick removal, diagnosis and treatment
  • A team of infectious disease specialists
  • Convenient lab services/blood drawing
  • Counseling on tick bite prevention, tick identification, free tick removal kits and Tick-Borne Disease Reference Handbooks
  • Potential opportunity to participate in research studies
  • Acceptance of most insurances/self-pay available
  • Convenient location in Hampton Bays at the Hampton Atrium


Callers to our Help Line receive expert advice on tick removal, help understanding laboratory results, and, when appropriate, referrals to physicians and other medical professionals. Calls to Help Line originate from all over New York State, the U.S., and also internationally. Since starting, the Help Line has received over 5,500 calls and counting!

If you have a question about ticks, call  (631) 726-TICK (8425).


Help Line Patient Navigator, Rebecca Young, RN, BSN

She fielded 929 calls from the public in 2023.