Speech Pathology and Swallowing

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About Speech Pathology and Swallowing at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

  • Provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services across the age span, from pediatric to geriatric.
  • Medical speech-language pathologists provide assessment and treatment for communication, voice and swallowing disorders.
  • Delivers the highest level of care and is committed to clinical excellence.
  • >Uses standardized protocols and state of the art instrumentation to diagnose and treat patients with swallowing impairment, while creating an individualized "person-centered" treatment plan to optimize swallowing function.
  • Serves a wide range of patients including those in the Stroke, Parkinson's Disease and Palliative Care programs.
  • Supports all specialties of medicine including neurology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, palliative care, and cardiology, critical care as well as partners with colleagues from respiratory therapy, nutrition and rehabilitation.
  • Utilizes an interdisciplinary model of care allowing each patient to receive an individualized care plan to maximize their highest potential for recovery.

Learn more by clicking here: Speech Pathology and Language Brochure 

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The department is led by nationally recognized Medical Speech Pathologist, Marta Kazandjian, MA CCC-SLP BCS-S, FPCC, F-ASHA, NBC-HWC, who is Board Certified in Swallowing Disorders as well as Board Certified in Health and Wellness Coaching. She was honored as a Fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association in 2020.